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Sunday, March 29, 12:00 pm

Fast-Track to Happiness combines potent modalities, therapies and sensory tactics to provide you with a powerful combination to help you maintain happiness every day, regardless of day-to-day life, in a realistic and honest way.

This hour and a half workshop is a super speedy way to experience multiple therapies. We will also give you tools so that you can can be implement these practices every day regardless of schedule and lifestyle.

Attendees will:

  • Gain body confidence and healthy self-awareness
  • Curb the overwhelm of trying to figure out what wellness techniques work for you
  • Receive 5-minute tools to feel more calm and grateful in their current state
  • Learn tricks to connect the mind, body and soul in daily choices

Some highlights of this unique workshop include:

  • Supportive Guided Meditation
  • Stretching for Stress Alleviation
  • Potent Aromatherapy Combos
  • Guided Writing Exercise
  • Custom Curated Mantras
  • ...and so much more!

$15 Per Serson